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Beavercreek Coin & Jewelry in Beavercreek, OH is a coin buyer as well. We focus on all manner of coins, and we are always surprised to see how many great selections people have in their homes that can earn them extra cash. If you have collectible coins, rare coins, or even antique coins, we are here to offer you an excellent price on all of them.

• Collectible Coins—There are a number of collectible coins available. Most of these are limited edition ones, and as a coin buyer, they are impossible to pass up. If you have collectible coins you do not want anymore, turn to us.

• Rare Coins—There is a fortune to be made when it comes to rare coins. We have discovered quite a number of them in Beavercreek over the years, so who is to say you do not have rare coins in your basement somewhere? We will give you a free appraisal to ensure that you are aware of what the coins are worth. With this knowledge, you will see just what great prices we offer. Bring them in and receive fair payments.

Beavercreek Coin & Jewelry is a coin buyer that is recognized throughout the nation. We make sure that all of our rare and collectible coins are kept in a safe area and that you receive a great price for them. We are here to make a profit, of course, but we will not do it at your expense. With us, you are in the right hands.

So what are you waiting for? Start searching your attic, basement, or any other area to find great coins to bring over to Beavercreek Coin & Jewelry. Let us be the coin buyer you can depend on again and again.

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